My name is Rakin Ahmed and I write code to build websites and applications.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with many different clients on a variety of projects, h My experience ranges from basic single-page websites to complex back-end systems made bespoke to client specifications.

My passion for web development began as a curious high school student experimenting with graphic and website designs. Over time, I learnt the art of hand-coding websites and began to enjoy bringing to life static concepts into functional and interactive realities.

I am a web designer and full-stack developer, which means I can work on everything from the visual design of a website or application all the way to development and deployment. I mostly enjoy building websites using JavaScript (React.js) on the front end with a PHP (WordPress) back end but I’m always looking forward to exciting projects to push me out of my comfort zone as it motivates me to learn more.

Throughout my career, I’ve had opportunities from working for start-up businesses to assisting major design agencies with international clients. My experience varies from making animated HTML5 adverts to building bespoke web applications and launching them on cloud services such as AWS.

My favourite programming language is Vanilla JavaScript, however, I’m also no stranger to working with PHP and MySQL along with the usual HTML5 and CSS3. I’m always learning and playing with new web technologies and coming up with cool ideas.

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